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Stem Cell Therapy


Stem Cells are special cells capable of renewing themselves through cell division, even after long periods of inactivity.  Stem cells are formed at conception and have the ability to become different kinds of tissues in the body including muscle, nerve, organs, bone, blood and more.  Their exceptional ability to become other types of cells makes them essential in repairing and renewing every kind of tissue and body organ.  Unlike other types of cells in the body, Stem Cells can divide and replicate repeatedly.  Stem cells are at the center of a new field of science called regenerative medicine. Because stem cells can become neurons, bone, muscle, cartilage and other specialized types of cells, they have the potential to treat many diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and more.

Since we have hundreds of patients with successful  results we have been able to identify patterns of where stem cells make NEW cells.  This is one of our advantages in helping you !

The wharton’s jelly is then digested enzymatically, plated and passed thrice to yield a homogenous population. Unlike other MSC populations, these cells are slower growing and cannot be grown to extremely high densities. These cells are well suited to differentiate into hepatocyte like cells.

We use the most optimal stem cells for each patient.  Usually we strive for pluri-potential cells because these stem cells can differentiate into whatever your body needs.  We strive to create the most powerful stem solution. Most powerful means we determine not only the number of stem cells but also the percent that are alive and the percent purity for each type of stem cell.

Our office currently offers 5 types of stem cells – more than any other office so that we are not limited in creating the best solution for you.  Some stem cells are best for muscles, others are better for brain cells still others are better for internal organs. Therefore we have the ability to determine and use the best stem cell solution for you !


 Your own Adult Stem Cells or Tissue-specific Stem Cells harvest from:

1.      Blood,
2.      Adipose or fat
3.      Bone marrow
4.      Induced Pluri-potent Stem Cells from your own cells
–  via an affiliated laboratory
5.      Amniotic stem cells from purified Placental tissue

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