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Dr. José Alfredo Jiménez, M.D.

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One of the first Doctors to offer PRP and Stem Cell therapy in Tijuana, Dr. Jiménez has created an advanced program that integrates prevention, aesthetic, anti-aging therapy and Regenerative medicine.

His experience and expertise have enabled Dr. Jiménez to specialize in the aesthetic-medical sector, by putting into practice his work philosophy of providing care, honesty and quality in all his services. Some of the institutes that have certificated Dr. Jiménez through his career include: German Society of Regenerative Medicine in AdiStem System, Harvest Technologies, International Academy of Aesthetics (IAA), University of Montreal, Medical Metabolic Institute (MMI), American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Angeles Institute, International Academy of Aesthetics, Loma Linda University, UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine, DermapenworldTM, International Society for STEM Cell Research, American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Society of Critical Care Medicine, European Society of Intensive care medicine, American British Cowdray Hospital, Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification Institute, IMSSS, National Autonomous University of Mexico, etc.

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