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Amir Razavi


Greetings, let me take this opportunity to welcome all of you who are forward thinkers and have taken the time to show interest in our various companies.

For the past 15 years, our companies have been evolving in biological production by supplying treatment and giving therapy to our clients who have faced incurable diseases. Currently, some of these diseases are  Parkinson, AMD, Stoke, COPD, Alzheimer. There are over 200 other hard to cure illnesses and degenerative diseases, which we target.
In our immunotherapy program, we have been successful in dealing with many types of cancers such as Prostate, lung and blood related ones.

We manufacture biological products by utilizing cutting edge technology. The results are 230 different peptides that enable us to achieve excellent results for our patients. The ability to treat and heal patients, especially those patients who have tried other treatments in the past, has led us to be recognized as one of the top companies in this field. Our success rate has been constant and consistent for our patients. Hence, our program is expanding internationally and therapy centers will be accessible in many countries. Our goal is to make it possible for clients to obtain therapy in their homeland.

Amir Razavi

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